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[fic] poolside

Title: Poolside
Author/Artist: chromatic_coma @ animusia
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Germany/North Italy
Rating: NC17
Genres: Romance, Fluff
Warnings: Human Names, Public-ish sex
Summary: When Feliciano suggests they go to a pool on a hot summer day, it doesn't end up the way Ludwig expected it would. For emilyfopdp for gertalia_santa


The water looked deep and inviting. It was the middle of summer, a sweltering hot ninety-six degrees out, in the middle of a long New York City heat wave. Feliciano had called Ludwig early that morning, complaining that he couldn’t sleep because he was too sweaty, even after he’d taken all of his clothes. It had been Ludwig’s idea that they go to the pool to cool off.

The pool was as crowded as they expected it to be, but Feliciano did not look deterred. He had a little picnic basket by his foot, and was already peeling off his shirt, gazing at the water in a way that reminded Ludwig of Aster in the presence of bacon.

“Can’t you keep your shirt on for even a few minutes?” he interrupted when Feliciano had his shirt halfway up his chest.

“But Ludwig,” the other whined, “Look at the water! I just want to jump in and get cool.”

“I know, but we should get a locker first to put our things in,” if there are any left, Ludwig’s mind added, scanning the crowd in the pool. “And you need to put sunscreen on, or you’ll burn.”

Feliciano started to whine, but Ludwig didn’t fall for his pathetic puppy dog eyes. He snatched the basket of food (and oh, it was much heavier than he was expecting it to be) and gestured with his head. “Come on, Feliciano.”

Ludwig heard his boyfriend sigh and pad after him across the floor. They managed to procure a locker, and after putting their shoes, shirts, and the basket in, Ludwig reached for the sunscreen.

“Arm,” he commanded gently, and Feliciano complied, allowing Ludwig to rub it into his skin.

“Can I do you, please Lulu?”

“Ludwig,” he corrected quickly, wishing that nickname hadn’t stuck. As he handed Feliciano the bottle he cursed his brother for giving him the idea.

Feliciano chirped happily, and squeezed a lot of the sunscreen out into his open palm. Before Ludwig could complain about the waste, Feliciano pressed his hand to his boyfriend’s sculpted chest, and lavishly spread the lotion around. His tongue was peeking out of his pink lips as he concentrated, and his let his fingers linger over the planes of Ludwig’s muscles, not only on his chest, but also on his back and arms. When he got to Ludwig’s face, he got up on his tiptoes and pecked his lips. Ludwig was more than just heat flushed when Feliciano finally declared his task done and threw the bottle into their locker.

“Did you have to do that so suggestively?”

“What do you mean?” Feliciano answered innocently, but Ludwig could see the twinkle in his eye. “Come on, let’s go swim!”

Feliciano took off running and cannonballed into the water before Ludwig could get another word in. He opted to follow the rules of the pool instead, and slowly made his way into the water via ladder; Ludwig sighed at the instant relief. He swam over to where Feliciano was waving to him from, and relaxed his boy against the pool wall.

“This was a great idea,” Feliciano chirped. “It’s so nice in the water.”

Ludwig had to agree; showers aside, this was the coolest he’d felt in days. His eyes fell shut as his body soaked in the water, only to be roused again when he felt a hand brush his thigh.

Feliciano was staring at him with huge, chocolately brown eyes, and his palm was still spread on Ludwig’s leg.

“Is everything alright?”

Feliciano’s cheeks were bright red, which might have been because of the heat. But his eyes were hazy and glazed over, and that was most definitely not a result of the weather.

Feliciano licked his lips, and leaned into his boyfriend, pushing away the water that was between them.

“I miss you,” he confessed softly, almost shyly. “We haven’t any time together in such a long time because you were busy with your brother and Nonno took me and Lovino away.”

That was mostly true; since the school year had ended, Ludwig and Feliciano both found themselves faced with an endless barrage of family plans that had kept them mostly apart, except for phone calls. Maybe it was simply because Ludwig was not fond of physical affection, not nearly as much as Feliciano anyways, but he didn’t understand why that meant Feliciano had to all but molest him in a pool.

“We’re in public,” he hissed softly. Feliciano looked down at the water.

“No one’s paying attention, really,” he murmured. The shy side of Feliciano was coming out; the side of him Ludwig did not often get to see. “I just wanna be close.”

His words were innocent enough, and perhaps Ludwig would have consented to his boyfriend snuggling up to his chest in the middle of a public pool. But then Feliciano shifted closer, and their chests were pressed together and their thighs touched; Feliciano was hard. Ludwig felt his throat tighten.

“C-can… it wait until we get home?” he finally managed to breathe out softly.

“I… don’t think so, no.”

Ludwig had a choice to make; he could leave Feliciano to suffer through his hard-on, or he could help him take care of it. His heart was pounding as it came to the decision his mind refused to consider.

“Come with me to the changing room.”


Despite the full pool outside, the men’s changing room is relatively empty; they only had to wait a few seconds for a stall in the back to empty out. Ludwig ushered Feliciano in quickly, feeling himself start to get hard too, partially from sheer nerves, but also because of…

Once the stall door was locked behind them, Feliciano pressed his lips to Ludwig’s, hard. His soft palms found their way to Ludwig’s strong jaw and thin cheeks, and held their faces close together. After Ludwig adjusted to the boldness, he eased Feliciano back against one of the walls of the stall, and leaned in to kiss back just as fervently. His thick fingers tangled in Feliciano’s wet auburn hair. He had no idea he’d wanted this so much, needed him so much, until right then and there. He wasn’t even concerned that they were in a public stall anymore.

“T-touch me, please, Ludwig,” Feliciano pleaded breathlessly, breaking the kiss. Ludwig complied, leaning in lower to press his lips against his lover’s nipples, his hands trailing down Feliciano’s abdomen.

When his hands finally reached Feliciano’s crotch, Ludwig had to kiss him again to muffle the sounds of his lover’s moans. Quick work was made of Feliciano’s swim trunks, and Ludwig’s followed quickly after; both were hung up on the hooks to prevent people from noticing them.

Ludwig could not keep his eyes away from Feliciano’s body, and especially not his penis. This wasn’t the first time they’d done it, but it was the first under such depraved circumstances and Ludwig was feeling hornier than usual, for sure. He wrapped his palm around the other’s shaft, which was not as thick as his, but was definitely more swollen. Ludwig kept working on Feliciano’s lips, swallowing his unguarded, sweet moans. Slowly he started pumping his boyfriend’s cock, and that make Feliciano throw his head back. Fortunately, he muffled his moans with the back of his own hand, and kept the other clenching tight to Ludwig’s pectorals.

It was only minutes later that Feliciano had to bite his hand as he came between them, the muffled ‘Ludwig’ still audible to only his partner. His face was incredibly red, and he was panting as he looked down at Ludwig’s weeping, neglected cock.

“You can put it in…” he offered softly, between breaths. The idea appealed to Ludwig too much.

“We don’t have anything… lubricating.”

“I don’t care,” Feliciano murmured. Ludwig’s cock gave a painful throb at that, so he put his hand around to placate it.

“I don’t want to hurt you. So, no.”

Feliciano frowned, but then he seemed to get an idea and brighten up. He crouched down, and leaned in, taking Ludwig’s length into his nimble fingers. He looked up at Ludwig and smiled, cheeks pink, before closing his moistened lips around his length.

Ludwig, unable to help it, bucked into the other’s mouth. Feliciano took it in stride, almost as if he was expecting it, and moving his mouth over the other’s shaft so expertly that if Ludwig was able to think on it he might have wondered if he’d practiced it on someone else. Ludwig’s hand gripped onto the bar the stall offered, and his other fingers wove into Feliciano’s hair, to give him something to hold onto. Feliciano’s mouth was warm, and he was so good at taking so much in, probably from slurping all that pasta (although that was a slightly disturbing connection to make in the middle of sex).

When Ludwig finally came, it was into Feliciano’s mouth. He fell to the dirty stall floor, totally spent, but then sat back up once he realized how germy it probably was. Feliciano was licking his lips as innocently as if he’d just had some ice cream, and not his boyfriend.

“Thank you, Ludwig,” he whispered softly, leaning up to press soft kisses to his boyfriend’s jaw. “That made me really happy.”

And, despite the fact that they were naked in a changing stall at a public pool wherein they just had sex, Ludwig released whatever little was left of his inhibitions and pull Feliciano to him tightly.

“I love you,” he whispered shyly into the other’s hair. He could feel Feliciano’s lip turn up against his chest as he smiled, and his skin tingled when the other breathed back.

“I love you too.”



A/N: I hope all my readers are enjoying a wonderful holiday!
Tags: ¶ pairing: germany/n.italy, ♪ fandom: axis powers hetalia, ♫ character: germany, ♫ character: n. italy

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